Founder's Story

I come from half a decade living out of my truck to rock climb (...long before #vanlife).  I  instructed mountain and river courses to feed, clothe, and gear myself, and led a generally crusty, dusty dirtbag life.  So the outdoor community feels like home to me.  I've always loved camp blankets, the hand of natural textiles, and the concept of hygge (even when I slept most nights in my pickup truck or on the ground).  There's always some bit of comfort you can add to make your world a little sweeter—a down comforter, a candle, some music...  These leanings are what led me to create our simple sleeves for all the steel vessels we drink from as outdoor folk.  It softens them a bit and brings some feminine warmth to the scene.  It's been a nice bonus that urban dwellers love them too!  And because we need to get the word out fast about the hope of regenerative agriculture as it can impact our climate, we allocate 25% of our profits to carbon farming/regenerative agriculture initiatives for the purpose of slowing climate change.  I see each sleeve as a seed of hope that raises awareness and dollars to support humanity's transition to regenerative ag for the benefit of one another and for the health of our remarkable planet.

In Peace, KSE                              New Mexico, USA